What We Do

We provide car financing solutions to those people do not have the standard credit score required for normal car loans. We offer the following servcies to our clients.

New and used car purchase

We offer financing options for new and used cars. We streamline the purchase of your car by giving you a loan. We do all the paperworks for you. The care dealer will then review your loan and paperwork and give you the car you want.

Auto refinance loans

If you now have a high interest rate for your car loan as your credit was bad at the time you purchased your car, you can consider our refinancing solution so that you don’t have to cut down your interest rate. We have an online auto loan calculator which can assess how much refinancing of your auto loan will save you money. You can try different interest rates and loan terms and find out which option would be best for you.

Cash back auto refinancing

We offer auto refinancing with cash back offer. With this money, you can take care of your unexpected medical bills, home or car repairs. You can save money by paying the high interest debt if you have any.

These services will give people the chance to buy a car despite having a bad credit and also refinance their existing car loans. To know details about our services, please call us.